TEC. GR SPEC. NO. TEC / GR / FA / CDS-008/04/ AUG-19

CONSTRUCTION: AMBIKA Permanently Lubricated HIDE Ducts are formed by co-extrusion technique and are used for laying Optical Fiber Cables as underground ducting / conduits.

Product Description

MATERIAL:The base raw material being used for the manufacturing Permanently Lubricated Ducts is High Density Polyethylene. The grade of raw material is Ultra Violet grade and is confirming to IS: 7328-1992 &ISO: 2523-1974 or ISO:1183 & ISO: 1133 and is designated as PEELNA-50T-012 (CACT Approved) and inner layer permanently lubricated materialPlastic blends comp. Grade Plastilube 2 kb.


  1. All the Compatible Fabricated fittings are offered to address system Requirment
  2. Available in Orange, Yellow, Red, Voilet, Grey, Green, Blue, Brown & Black Colors for easy Denitrification.
  3. Offered in coils length thus reducing the number of joints in network which enables to reduce the cost.
  4. Other coils length & color are available as per customer specification.